What is this?

SSCES is a greasemonkey script that brings crowdsourced rating and sorting to Slate Star Codex. If you've used the site, then you already know why this is necessary.

How does it work?

When you browse to Slate Star Codex, the greasemonkey script downloads the ratings other people have made on comments and sorts them using the Wilson score interval. You are also afforded the opportunity to join in the crawling chaos by upvoting and downvoting comments. There are big arrows next to the comments, just as you'd see on Reddit.

Can I game this?

Yes, but we ask that you please don't, because we are pretty lazy and unlikely to fix any problems that arise from people acting in bad faith. Think of it like a village commons, or perhaps a motte, or a bailey, or a bodega. It's definitely something like one of those.

I'm pretty excited about this whole thing, how can I get in on the ground floor?

Well, we are happy that you are so excited. Luckily, it's only slightly harder than figure skating.

Hey, this makes loading the site slow!

We tentatively estimate that the average SSC reader will save 30 minutes per post if the best comments are floated to the top. We think you can wait 2 seconds for your comments to show up.

I would like to complain about stuff, specifically to you, what's the best way to do that?

It is recommended that you message us on reddit. We don't want to engender high hopes in anyone though.